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Concrete Compression Strength Test


 Concrete Compression Strength Test

To perform a concrete compression strength test, first clean the surface of the concrete cylinder with a wire brush and water. Next, using a hammer, carefully remove the cap from the cylinder. Be sure not to hit the cylinder itself, as this could damage the testing device. With the cap removed, insert the plunger of the testing device into the cylinder until it touches the bottom. Apply pressure to the plunger until the reading on the device reaches zero.How to Perform  .a Concrete Compression Strength Test

Concrete Compression Strength Test

Concrete Compression Strength Test


The concrete compression strength test is an important test that determines the strength of concrete. This test is important because it helps to determine the quality of concrete and whether it meets the required standards. The test involves placing a concrete sample in a testing machine and applying load to the sample. The results are then recorded. There are some tips that can help to obtain accurate results, such as using good-quality concrete, following the manufacturing specifications, and using the proper testing procedures.

What is a Concrete Compression Strength Test

Why is This Test Important

A concrete compression strength test is a very important test that provides several benefits. First, this test can tell you if the concrete mixture you are using is strong enough for the job it is being used for. Second, this test can help identify any potential problems with the quality of the concrete before it is used. Finally, this test can be used to compare different types of concrete mixtures to see which one is stronger.

What Does This Test Involve

The concrete compression strength test involves placing a cylindrical sample of concrete in a compression testing machine and applying load to the sample until it fails. The amount of force required to cause failure is then recorded and used to calculate the compressive  strength of the concrete.

How to Perform a Concrete Compression Strength Test

Step 1: Prepare the Concrete Sample

To perform a compression strength test, you will need to procure a concrete sample. The sample should be taken from the batch being tested, in order to ensure accuracy. Once you have your sample, it needs to be properly prepared for testing. This involves curing the concrete in water for at least 28 days. After this initial curing period, the concrete needs to be dried out completely. This can be done by placing it in an oven set to low heat, or by letting it air dry for 24 hours.

Step 2: Place the Sample in the Testing Machine

Once the concrete sample is prepared, it is time to place it in the testing machine. The most important part of this step is ensuring that the sample is centered in the machine before beginning the test. If it is not centered, the results will not be accurate. Once the sample is centered, slowly apply load to the machine until failure occurs.

Step 3: Apply Load to the Sample

As mentioned above, load must be applied slowly and evenly to prevent inaccurate results. The rate at which load is applied should be between 0.2 and 0.6 MPa per second (20-60 kgf/cm2 per second). Too much speed will cause inaccuracies, while too little speed will result in an incomplete test that does not provide enough information about concrete strength

Step 4: Record the Results

After failure has occurred, record not only whether failure happened under compression or tension but also measure and calculate ultimate compressive strength according to formula given below and report this value on your graph as point corresponding to maximum load achieved during your experiment.[1]

$$ f_c'=P_0/A $$

where  $ f_c'$-compressive strength of concrete[MPa], $ P_0 $ - maximum applied pressure[MPa], $ A $- cross sectional area of specimen[mm^2]    [1]

Tips for Obtaining Accurate Results.

  • Use Good-Quality Concrete

When performing a concrete compression strength test, it is important to use good-quality concrete. The concrete should be free of any defects or contaminants that could affect the results of the test.

  • Follow the Manufacturing Specifications

When manufacturing concrete, it is important to follow the specifications for the mix design. This will ensure that the concrete has the correct proportions of cement, aggregate, water, and admixtures.

  • Use the Proper Testing Procedures

It is important to use the proper testing procedures when performing a concrete compression strength test. The sample should be prepared in accordance with ASTM C39, and the testing machine should be calibrated in accordance with ASTM C39.


A concrete compression strength test is an important test that should be performed on concrete to ensure its quality. This test measures the compressive strength of concrete and is a key factor in determining its suitability for use in construction projects. To perform a concrete compression strength test, follow the steps outlined above and use the tips provided to ensure accurate results.

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